New Title! Millie gets her CD!

Millie completed her third and final qualifying leg for her CD (Companion Dog) title on Saturday (2 weeks ago) at the St. Charles Kennel Club shows in Lake St. Louis.  She won her title in style with a second place in the Novice B class.  She showed in Rally for the first time that Sunday and also got a second place and her first qualifying leg toward her RN (Rally Novice) title.  Can't wait to hopefully finish her Rally Novice title later this month!

I hope to ultimately show her in Open obedience for her CDX title, but first we are working on polishing some of her Novice skills.  I did introduce the Dumbbell last week and so far we are off to a great start!

In addition to working hard with Mil, I've been working with Marcus in obedience as well.  I'd like to eventually show him in Novice for his CD, but our progress is very slow since he does not live with me and we are only able to work together about once or twice a week. Still, progress is progress and, albeit slowly, we are moving forward! 

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