Purina Farms Shows - September 19th-21st 2014

Great news!! Marcus went Winners Dog this past Friday for two points!  He now has 12 points including a major!!!  He's singled out and just needs one more major to be a Champion!  Woohoo!  He got to go home right after his ring time Friday since it was local and relax for the rest of the weekend.  He's at home chilling on the couch until he can go out and compete for that last major!  His handler, Sharon Svoboda, has done such a fantastic job with him and is getting him finished so quickly!

I showed miss LulaBelle myself just for fun and practice on Saturday and Sunday.  I'm a very inexperienced groomer and have only ever handled a dog in the ring a couple of times.  We had fun and I thought Lula showed very well for me!  She will be going out with her handler in Open this fall.

 Marcus getting ready for the show!  

Marcus at the setup after going Winners Dog for his last two singles!
 His proud parents!  Marcus is owned and adored by my parents, Debi and Jim Traube.                   
LulaBelle and me. Love her happy smile!

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