Three Weeks Old!

The puppies turned three weeks old on Friday!  It's been an exciting week for them learning how to lap liquids from a bowl, enjoying their first kibble & goat milk gruel, having a potty area added to their pen, and…Read more

Two Weeks Old

Dharma's puppies turned 2 weeks last Friday.  They are now toddling around, ears and eyes are open, teeth are near erupting, and they are beginning to show interest in their littermates and in me.  They still spend the majority of…Read more

Puppies are here!!

Dharma whelped 8 puppies Friday, June 10, 2015.  3 white/cream girls, 1 white/cream boy, and 4 black boys.  All were born healthy with the smallest being 10.1 oz and the largest 15.4.  Puppies have been gaining nicely over the past…Read more

Puppies Due July 2015!!!!!!!!

Dharma was bred to Oscar - GCH Safari's Aesthete last month.  She has been confirmed pregnant by ultrasound and puppies are due on or around July 11, 2015!    Both black and white puppies anticipated. Accepting inquiries for companion, performance, and…Read more

June 6th - Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars for June 6th! This will be Standard Poodle Guest Dog of the Week day at the Museum of the Dog at Queeny Park. Come stop by and learn about the breed and meet a few of my…Read more

Marcus is a Canine Good Citizen!

Marcus took and passed the Canine Good Citizen test!  I really like the CGC test as proof of a dog's good temperament and basic training.  It is a very attainable title for pet owners and experienced dog trainers alike and…Read more

Poodle Club of America National Specialty Show 2015

Last week in Salisbury, MD was the 2015 National Poodle Club of America Specialty Show.  This hundreds of toy, mini, and standard poodles come from all over the world to compete at the Wicomico Civic Center.  This is often coined…Read more

Poodle Club of Tulsa Specialty Show

After sitting out and growing hair for 4 months, Lulabelle had a successful first weekend back in the ring as an adult!  On Saturday she was Winners Bitch for 2 points at the Poodle Club of Tulsa Specialty Show in…Read more

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Class registration starts on Sunday for the online Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  I've taken a few classes through FDSA and I have to say that they are wonderful!  I've taken a Gold level class where you actually record video of…Read more

Genetic Diversity Analysis

I am so excited to have participated in a groundbreaking study and to have received my results back from the new UC Davis Genetic Diversity Analysis!  This analysis assesses the Interrelatedness (IR Value) of any given Standard Poodle compared to…Read more

Why Title A Dog?

Today I want to share something that describes perfectly my feelings about training and working with my dogs.  The piece written below really hits home and even makes me tear up a bit!

Candid of Millie

I love this candid photo of Millie at the GSLTC Rally Trials at the Purina Farms Event Center last Saturday!