Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Class registration starts on Sunday for the online Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  I've taken a few classes through FDSA and I have to say that they are wonderful!  I've taken a Gold level class where you actually record video of your homework and post on the forum for feedback and Bronze level classes where you have access to the lectures but are a "lurker" on the forum.  Gold is great for individually tailored feedback and Bronze is an excellent economical option.  I'm not sure that I'll be taking any FDSA classes this session since I'm still catching up on homework from the last session and I'm also taking a few local obedience classes so my schedule is full.  That said, I wanted to let everyone know about the new session of classes!  For those new to dog sports, the Rally Skillbuliding 1 class could be a great introduction!

Spring 2015 Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Schedule