Our Breeding "Standards"

My Goals.  As an AKC Breeder of Merit, I strive to breed versatile standard poodles who are healthybeautiful representatives of the breed and who make excellent companions, performance dogs, and show dogs.  Each litter is the result of months of conscientious planning including pedigree analysis, health testing, and consideration of health, temperament, structure, soundness, and conformation to the breed standard

Health. I test for genetic health conditions such as vWD (von Willebrand Disease), and NE (Neonatal Encephalopathy).   I also screen for  Hip Dysplasia, Sebaceous Adenitis (a skin disease), genetic eye disease, cardiac, and thyroid disease.  I submit all results to the public Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) database.  In addition, I use VGL Diversity testing along with the Betterbred and Standard Poodle Databases to help me make informed breeding decisions.  I offer a five year genetic health guarantee and provide lifelong support to all of my puppy buyers - I consider them to be my extended family! 
AKC Registration.  Companion puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration and a spay/neuter contract.  Show prospects are sold only to serious show homes with co-ownership and a show contract.  Because I breed infrequently, I am happy to refer you to other responsible breeders if I do not have any litters planned.  I do not sell breeding stock and will not sell to those who breed mixed breeds such as labradoodles, goldendoodles, etc.  All puppies are individually registered with AKC before leaving for their new homes.

Home Raised.  Apparition puppies are whelped and raised in our large kitchen, the heart of our household.  I follow the Puppy Culture program and Avidog program for rearing well socialized puppies.  Our puppies are exposed to various sights, sounds, textures, surfaces, and people throughout their developmental weeks spent with me.  I introduce my puppies to clicker training, potty training, grooming, and even problem solving well before they leave for their new homes.  Our puppies' minds are enriched with early exposure to the outdoors, agility equipment, and our fun "Adventure Box" and Puppy Gym.  We begin regular walks in the woods with our pups starting at around five weeks of age.  We utilize Biosensor Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction as well.

Our pups are introduced to potty training by two to three weeks of age.  We take advantage of their natural instincts and section off an area of the whelping pen for them to use for eliminating.  Even before their eyes have opened, they will roll away from the area where they have nursed to potty.  As they begin to walk, they will regularly use the "potty area" in their pen to do their business.  When they are old enough, they are taken outside to potty after meals.  All of this early potty training takes advantage of their natural instinct to potty away from their "den" and this preference transfers to real potty training as they grow up. Our puppies go home with a strong understanding of where to potty.

In order to ensure that our puppies are properly immunized and able to be socialized away from home as soon as safely possible, we run a maternal nomograph during pregnancy through Dr. Schultz' lab at the University of Wisconson.  This uses the dam's titer level to more accurately predict when the maternal antibodies passed on to the puppies will be low enough for vaccination to be effective.  We believe that proper timing of vaccinations is crucial to avoiding over vaccination and to protecting our puppies so they can be safely exposed to the world around them.

At 7 to 8 weeks of age, our puppies are temperament tested to aid in our ability to match them with their new families.  Temperament testing is more diagnostic than predictive in nature and gives us and new owners a way to identify what to work on during the critical socialization window.  At 8 weeks of age, the puppies are evaluated for show potential to determine who will be our next prospective star.   Every single puppy I whelp and raise is showered with love and affection from the moment they are born until the day they leave for their new homes.  No placement decisions are made until 8-9 weeks of age, after temperament and show evaluations have been completed.