Genetic Diversity Analysis

I am so excited to have participated in a groundbreaking study and to have received my results back from the new UC Davis Genetic Diversity Analysis!  This analysis assesses the Interrelatedness (IR Value) of any given Standard Poodle compared to the overall Standard Poodle population.  A low IR value indicates an "outbred" dog and a high IR value indicates an "inbred" dog.  The IR value sometimes, but not always, correlates with the COI (Coefficient of inbreeding).  Additionally, the analysis takes a look at several genetic markers and identifies Class 1 and 2 DLA Haplotypes.  All of this is a bit complex to explain in a blog post, but essentially, this analysis allows breeders to have a bit more objective data when planning a breeding with a goal of genetic diversity.   This is an extremely valuable tool for any Standard Poodle breeder to use when planning a breeding whether it be a complete outcross or a tight linebreeding.  Judging by COI alone, a breeder may think that they are planning an outcross breeding, or may think that a breeding is too tightly linebred.  With the genetic diversity analysis, the breeder can actually compare genetic markers between two breeding pairs and compare DLA haplotypes to make more informed breeding decisions. 

I highly suggest reading this slide presentation.  Put together by Natalie Green Tessier, it explains the concept extremely well:

This is a link to UC Davis where you can read some specifics about the analysis and where the actual test can be purchased:

Dharma, Tiger, Lula & Marcus have been tested and their certificates are below.  Click to enlarge.  :)