Hiking Poodles  

What better way to escape the house than an afternoon spent in the woods.  Our poodles love hiking and our daughter is learning to love the woods as well. 

Nutritionally-Mediated DCM 

I have received several emails and messages over the past few days asking what I personally feed in light of the information released by the FDA about nutritionally-mediated DCM. 

It's not yet known exactly what it is about the formulation of the foods associated with nutritionally-mediated DCM that is the problem, but one area of suspicion is the high legume content seen in these foods. The excessive use of legumes in high end, expensive grain free foods has been an alarming trend for the past several years and while it's heartbreaking that dogs are becoming very ill from some of these foods, I'm also quite frankly very thankful it's being brought to public attention. 

Whatever the cause, and I truly hope one will be identified, I've chosen to avoid feeding foods with the most cases of nutritionally-mediated DCM. For the time being, and out of an abundance of caution, I've incorporated Purina Pro-Plan into our dogs' diets as it has not had any confirmed cases of nutritionally-mediated DCM that I am aware of, and I continue to also feed our dogs a species appropriate raw diet (various brands and proteins). 

I recommend talking with your vet, not panicking, feeding a food without legumes high or frequent on the ingredient list, and avoiding the foods with the most cases of nutritionally-mediated DCM. I personally believe it's also a good idea to rotate proteins and brands in case there is a problem with the formulation of any given food.


Here is the latest FDA information about the DCM issue! https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/news-events/fda-investigation-potential-link-between-certain-diets-and-canine-dilated-cardiomyopathy?fbclid=IwAR3cA9yLpOWDD9C4oafZ-pMxNNYlGBnZ6shfyEjSh1Q0WXC57SO9sr8-4pk#diet

2019 Pooches in the Ballpark!!! 

Our favorite annual event, Pooches in the Ballpark!  Last year we had to miss this fun day as I was very PREGNANT myself!  However, this year, we brought Baby Jade (GCH. Apparition Spirited Away) who was sporting the trendy Modified Continental Clip and our resident matriarch Millie, Peckerwood's Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Stella, our daughter, joined us for her first annual baseball game with the dogs! 

Pooches in the Ballpark 

Our favorite annual tradition!  Thankfully it was moved earlier in the spring to a May Cardinals game instead of June/July.  The dogs appreciated the much cooler weather!

Everybody enjoyed some hotdogs and nachos! :)More photos on our Facebook page!


PCA Recap and The Scramble To Breed Lula! 

What a whirlwind week (and some!) it has been!  Last week, April 20th - April 28th, was the Poodle Club of America National Specialty show (PCA).  PCA has been held in Salisbury, Maryland for many years but this year was the first (of many to come) years that it was held at Purina Farms here in St. Louis, MO.  Thursday - Sunday included field/hunt events as well as tracking.  Monday was a day of agility and a grooming competition, Tuesday was obedience, rally, performance parade and performance sweepstakes, Wednesday was dogs (conformation), Thursday was bitches (conformation) and Friday was Best of Variety/Best in Show. 

Charlotte, Ch. Apparition Deagra Dream Weaver RN, spent the week with us and earned her first Beginner Novice obedience leg on Tuesday. 

Millie, Peckerwood's Thoroughly Modern Millie CD BN RA CGC TKN, earned her final leg of her Rally Advanced title with a score of 96 to complete her title!  Love my Millie girl. 

Marcus, Ch. Apparition Deagra Penumbra BN RN CGC, competed in the inaugural performance sweepstakes and in the parade of the champions!

And.....Our Lulabelle, FINALLY came in season after nearly 14 months of waiting, and was ready to be bred right in the middle of the PCA rush.  We did manage to get her bred early in the week of PCA and we are now crossing our fingers and toes that she is indeed pregnant!  If she is, she should be approximately 11 days pregnant right now, with puppies due June 22nd. Stay tuned for an update after ultrasound confirmation, which is scheduled for May 19th.  


Lula, Lala and Millie's Latest Accomplishments!! 

Last weekend was an exciting one for our girls!  First, our Charlotte (aka LALA) finished her Rally Novice title on Friday.  Mary and Lala did a fabulous job earning a score of 96 and a pretty rosette to top it off!  Yay Mary and Lala! On Saturday and Sunday, Millie earned her first two qualifying legs in Rally Advanced.  She did excellent on Saturday earning a score of 96 - impressive since we haven't really trained in a couple of years, when she earned her obedience CD title.  On Sunday, my nerves got the best of me and we had some handler error issues (me ending up at the wrong sign a few times....) and Millie was tempted by the food bowls on the offset figure 8 - but she still earned a leg and a placement!

And - last but certainly not least - Lulabelle finished her Beginner Novice obedience title on Saturday and earned her first qualifying leg toward her Novice (CD) title on Sunday.  It was a fabulous weekend all around!  And - the best news - is that finally it appears that Lulabelle has come in season!  She has a slow biological clock and is one of those girls who only cycles once a year.  So - stay tuned for updates on the planned breeding between her and Winston this month!

Lula earns her Rally Advanced Title! 

Lula earned her first qualifying RA leg at the Lake St. Louis obedience and rally trials in January.  Just like with her RN run, she came out with a bang for her first RA leg earning a score of 99!  Last weekend at the Greater St. Louis Training Club rally trials, she completed her RA title with two more qualifying legs, both with respectable scores!  Next on our list of things to do is to finish her Beginner Novice obedience title (she needs one more leg) and then come out for her CD title in Novice Obedience.  She has also been busy training in tracking the past few months!

Yadi Earns his Rally Novice Title!  

Huge congratulations to Yadi and his owner Teresa for completing his Rally Novice title at the St. Charles Kennel Club shows!  Yadi is Lula and Marcus' littermate and lives with his adoring family in Kansas.  It was awesome to see and cheer for Yadi and his owner in the ring! 

Lula earns her Rally Novice Title! 

Lula, Ch. Apparition Deagra RN CGC, completed her AKC Rally Novice title this past August.  She came out with a bang scoring a perfect 100 for her first leg and respectable scores in the mid to high 90s for her other two legs.  This was our debut in companion events since the completion of her championship last January.  It's always a blast coming out for the first time in a companion/performance event!

Purina's Better With Pets Exhibit! 

Purina Farms, located only about 20 minutes away from us, opened up a brand new exhibit yesterday called, "Better With Pets".  About 10 different breeds of dogs and cats are featured in the exhibit and real live examples of those breeds were present during the reveal of the exhibit.  Lulabelle got to represent the Poodle!  We thought it was very fitting that the poodle in the exhibit is named, "Lulu".  Lulabelle was a fantastic ambassador for the breed and we even got to get our photo taken with Tony La Russa.