Nutritionally-Mediated DCM

I have received several emails and messages over the past few days asking what I personally feed in light of the information released by the FDA about nutritionally-mediated DCM. 

It's not yet known exactly what it is about the formulation of the foods associated with nutritionally-mediated DCM that is the problem, but one area of suspicion is the high legume content seen in these foods. The excessive use of legumes in high end, expensive grain free foods has been an alarming trend for the past several years and while it's heartbreaking that dogs are becoming very ill from some of these foods, I'm also quite frankly very thankful it's being brought to public attention. 

Whatever the cause, and I truly hope one will be identified, I've chosen to avoid feeding foods with the most cases of nutritionally-mediated DCM. For the time being, and out of an abundance of caution, I've incorporated Purina Pro-Plan into our dogs' diets as it has not had any confirmed cases of nutritionally-mediated DCM that I am aware of, and I continue to also feed our dogs a species appropriate raw diet (various brands and proteins). 

I recommend talking with your vet, not panicking, feeding a food without legumes high or frequent on the ingredient list, and avoiding the foods with the most cases of nutritionally-mediated DCM. I personally believe it's also a good idea to rotate proteins and brands in case there is a problem with the formulation of any given food.


Here is the latest FDA information about the DCM issue!