Five Weeks Old!

The puppies turned five weeks old on Friday.  Faces were shaved again over the weekend and the puppies spent lots of time exercising and playing outside.  Big sis Lulabelle is turning out to be a great nanny and loves to entertain the puppies.  Five weeks is approximately the time of a first fear stage, so I have begun working on confidence building with the puppies. Last night, I put down a plastic tarp with some wire crate panels underneath.  A few of the puppies bombarded over the tarp and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Most of them exercised some due caution but all were able to be convinced that it was OK to carefully walk around on it. 

I'm continuing to work on the Communication Trinity exercises from last week.  I am mainly focusing on Manding, which I am finding to be very time consuming!  Most of the puppies just stare at me and eventually get bored and start exploring before they ever decide to sit.  They will get it! :)