Babies are almost here!

It's been a while since my last post.  Puppies will be here very soon!  Dharma has only 4-5 days until her due date.  Yesterday she had a radiograph taken and it looks like she will be having at least 8 and possibly 9 puppies!  The first two photos are of Dharma at 1 week from her due date.  Look at that belly!! The third is a photo of the x-ray.  You can see the puppies in there!  Last, I have a photo showing our whelping box in the kitchen.  This is where the puppies will be born and raised.  As they get a bit older, the box will be expanded into a slightly larger pen with a special area to go potty.

We are taking reservations for the puppies, so please contact me through my website, or at if you are interested a beautiful puppy from this very exciting litter!  We are expecting some really special puppies and they will be ready to go home around Valentine's Day. <3

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